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Commercial Alkaline Ionizer

Unitech Water Solution deals in Commercial Alkaline Ionizer

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Technical Specification
Product Application
Agriculture, Industry, Drinking Water
  • To decrease antibiotic consumption obviously and reduce the cost of breeding.
  • To boost cattle's resistance
  • For Medical Profession
  • Livestock Breeding
Technical Specifications
Production Capacity Power Consumption Number of Plates
1000 - 5000 Liter (Alkaline Ionized Water)
pH Range: 5.5 - 10.0
ORP: +450 TO -800
Acidic & Alkaline Water Ratio between 2:1 ~ 1: 2 (can be adjusted).
2 KW - 5 KW 3 x 12 Plates
Working Environment Water Source
Temperature Atmosphere Pressure Water Pressure Working Hours RO Water
5-C ~ 40-C Normal 2 - 3 Kg/cm2 > 20000 TDS Range 50 - 200 ppm
Characteristics & Functions
  • From the built- In WIFI REMOTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PLC), the administrator can view the working situation of the machine (optional).
  • 6 Units 12 Plates ti-pt Coating Commercial diaphragm electrolyze have large electrolytic area, high power dc power supply, can continuous working.
  • Auto Cleaning - Switch the positive & negative poles of electrolyze chamber.
  • With functions of electrolytic strength adjust: display alkaline & acidic electrolyzing water flow rate: Perfect automatic shutdown protection device for low water pressure and over temperature over current.
  • Large LCD screen well noted working condition of the equipment, having a friendly human machine interface.
  • Smart power supply system: Perfect automatic shutdown protection device for low water.
  • Warranty: Three Years Against Any Manufacturing Defects