Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine
Shrink Wrapping Machine
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    After Completion of filling capping and labeling, product containers are being fed automatically to lane divider and start moving in a single lane form on the collating table in a matrix form. Required container pack matrix formation being done by collation through a pneumatic pusher, which after completion is transferred forward for the web sealer position.

    Immediate after proposed matrix enters into web sealer, the welding bar activates to complete the wrap, and the pusher returns to prepare the next collation of product. As the welding bar ascends, the pusher advances to transfer the new collation into the welding position, at the same time displacing the previously wrapped collation onto continuously moving shrink tunnel conveyor. Once proposed wrapped matrix enters the shrink tunnel chamber, re-circulated hot air causes the wrap to shrink and tightly conform to the contours of the contents. Once the pack comes out of the hot chamber, Air cooling is used to tighten sleeve wrap to achieve a strong, secure pack ready for stacking on pallet or a placing on a shipping carton.

    In Semi Automatic Shrink wrap machine the pusher mechanism will be manual and respective specification and feature changes.

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