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Sewage Treatment Plant

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Product Description

STP plant treats the sewage to make it fit for safe disposal, agricultural use or domestic use in toilets etc. Sewage usually contains a high quantity of organic and inorganic wastes. It is essential to treat sewage before it enters into any water body.

There are three main stages of the wastewater treatment process, aptly known as primary, secondary and tertiary water treatment.

How STP Plant works?

Wastewater and sewage, usually from a number of properties, are fed into the primary settlement tank where solids and liquids separate and the liquor flows into the biozone chamber. In the chamber, a pump aerates the waste and encourages good bacteria to digest the organic matter, breaking it down and purifying it.

What is MBBR process?

The MBBR process utilizes floating plastic carriers (media) within the aeration tank to increase the amount of microorganisms available to treat the wastewater. The media provides increased surface area for the biological microorganisms to attach to and grow in the aeration tanks.

What is MBR STP?

Membrane Bioreactor or MBR Sewage Treatment Plant is an innovative wastewater treatment method. As the name suggests, it combines two technologies, membrane filtration and the biological treatment.

What is difference between MBR and MBBR?

MBR stands for Membrane Bio Reactor and is a combination of a membrane process like ultra filtration and the activated sludge process.

MBBR is the short form for Moving bed bio reactor which uses free floating plastic fill media for attached Biofilm growth