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Cartridge Filters

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Product Description

Cartridge Filters are simple, modular filters that are inserted into housing and can be used to remove particles, or sometime chemicals, from the water. Cartridge filters can be composed of a number for materials. Some may be made from wound strands of a material such as polypropylene.

Micron Cartridge Filters are used to remove Micronics (measure equal to 0.000039 inches) dust particles, colloids and other physical contaminants from the water. Micron cartridge filters come with Housing and Filter Elements.

We Can Offer complete Range of Cartridges like
  • 10” (Spun, Wound & Pleated)
  • 20” (Spun, Wound & Pleated)
  • 30” (Spun, Wound & Pleated)
  • 40” (Spun & Wound)