Ozonator with Oxygen Generator

Ozonator with Oxygen Generator

Ozonator with Oxygen Generator
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    How do Ozonator Work?

    Ozone gas is produced when oxygen is exposed to ultraviolet light or by "corona- discharge" in newer Ozonator. It is the same gas that provides the protective layer around the earth's atmosphere. When ozone gas is injected into your spa water, it acts as a powerful sanitizer that destroys most of the bacteria and viruses present in the spa water. Ozone also breaks down body oils so your water will remain clear and fresh for a longer period than spa water that is only sanitized by bromine or chlorine. By using an Ozonator, you will be able to keep your bromine or chlorine concentration at the low end of the "ideal" scale on your water test kit.

    Ozone, also known as O3, is a highly powerful oxidant that inactivates pesticides, fungus, organic materials, contaminates, and viruses much more potently than chlorine. Ozone water purification accounts for the majority of purified water in the world. It's currently the most popular water purification method used.

    How do Oxygen Generators Work?

    Oxygen generators either contain an ultraviolet light bulb or an electronic (corona discharge) device that converts oxygen to ozone. Ozone gas travels through an airline that is connected to a water jet. The water running through the jet creates a venturi and sucks the ozone into the spa water during regular filtration.

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