Industrail Reverse Osomis Plant

Industrail Reverse Osomis Plant

Industrail Reverse Osomis Plant
Industrail Reverse Osomis Plant
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    Brackish water is salty or briny in flavour and hence unfit for consumption of any kind. UNITECH’s Brackish Water Plants are designed to treat any kind of brackish water using the RO system. The level of salt content present in water may vary from place to place and from source to source. Water derived from a bore well or brackish water certainly demands a higher level of purification. Our designs are flexible enough to be customized according to the requirements; ensuring top quality water treatment is delivered irrespective of the quality of feed water.

    What sets us apart from others is the quality of the materials used in our brackish water plants. We use the highest quality components in each of our plants and machineries installed so that they operate to their full potential and remain damage free for longer period of time. Also we try our level best to fit the system on a compact frame for optimum utilization of the area.

    Our brackish water systems can be tailor made to purify feed water that is contaminated up to 40,000 parts per million of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). We have successfully installed many such brackish water plants in various countries across the globe. At UNITECH, we realize the potential impact that salinated water could have on your health and thus we strive to offer the best brackish water plants for boiler and food industries.

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